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Protek Test & Measurement Instruments

О компании Protek Test & Measurement Instruments

О компании Protek Test & Measurement Instruments занимаеться производством источников питания, осциллографы, анализаторы спектра, Частотомеры, Мультиметры и т.д.

For more than fifteen years, the name Protek has been synonymous with state of the art, value priced, test equipment. Protek has supplied, under private label, test equipment to many of the most prominent names in the T&M market. Protek Test& Measurement has been responsible for some major industry innovations: the first low cost DMM with RS232 out put -the model 506, and the first Hand Held RF field analyzer the model 3201.

Today, the tradition continues with such products as the 800 series hand held DSO/DMM\"s- featuring some of the longest record lengths and fastest sampling rates available to the user. Our product line includes high accuracy LCR meters, Pulse, Sweep, and Function Generators, 4000 to 200,000 count DMM\""s for field and bench applications, Frequency Counters to 3 GHz and wide selections of Power Suppliers.

Looking to the future, Protek will continue to stride for technical innovations and will bring to our customers more advanced, lower cost, feature rich Instrumentation .


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