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О компании Ault

Ault Incorporated designs, manufactures, and markets power conversion products. Ault\"s product lines include standard and high-efficiency AC/DC converters, external power supplies, and adapters. Ault is a seasoned competitor in the power supply industry and a leading supplier to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of data communications equipment, telecommunications equipment, portable medical equipment, industrial equipment, and related computer peripherals. Ault\""s power conversion products are used to adapt alternating current (AC) to provide a source of power at various levels from 1 to 1200 watts for a wide variety of electronic applications. Many of the company?s products are located outside the equipment they power as wall plug-in or in-line components and generally are referred to as \""external power conversion products\"", while the balance of the products are located within electronic devices.

Продукция выпускаемая Ault:

AC / DC преобразователи,

внешние блоки питания,




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